Have We Entered the Turnaround Era?

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / July 30, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting businesses and their employees, are you at risk for losing your position or job? After many years with the same organization? This is now the new reality. Loyalty is history!!! Regardless of the state in the USA where one lives, challenges are real. Cannot make rental payments, car payments, health insurance payments and credit card payments? What to do? Read more

The Power of Suggestion Often Rules

How does the power of suggestion cause an individual to consider different actions? It is not a complex process because it occurs naturally. It is about brain acceptance in both conscious and subconscious(unconscious) areas of the mind simultaneously. Read more

The Linkage Between Inflammation and Diabetes

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / April 27, 2020

Inflammation is an important body function. It often helps us to fight infection and repair injury. It is our primary system for fighting germs, toxic chemicals and other health challenging events. It is the first line of defense in healing. For individuals with diabetes, however, it is a terrorist. How can this be? Read more

Can Anxiety and Stress Cause Us to Be Temporarily Insane?

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / February 24, 2020

What say you? And you? And you? I say we need relief from our everyday challenges!! Agree? What can we do? Perhaps there are three or four corrections we can implement to align our life to reduce the impact of anxiety and stress. Some individuals believe these challenges can cause anyone to go “temporarily insane”. Are you with me? Let us take the journey to daily sanity! OK? Read more

What Will This Decade Teach Us About Wellness?

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / January 29, 2020

Yet another decade begins. What lies ahead for wellness opportunities? As the 2020 America’s Healthcare Tour, with the support of the Boca Ciega Research Consortium in Saint Petersburg, Florida, initiates travel in the USA and North America, while looking forward to summer tours of western Europe and possibly Russia, many questions come to mind. Read more

Nutritional Diet and Diabetes

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / January 13, 2020

Which Diet is Best for Diabetics? Do you want to adopt a healthy diabetes diet but are confused by the many diets suggested in magazines, the internet and social media? Can a single dietary supplement or meal replacement product…by itself … provide the necessary nutrition for individuals with diabetes? Have product claims been validated in human trials? Read more

Mind Wandering, Aging, Cognitive Change and Creativity

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 7, 2019

What is the connection between aging and mind wandering or mind drift? How is mind wandering associated with cognitive change? Does cognitive change impact the ability for creativity? Read more

The Coalesence Phenomena in Stages of Evolving Mindset: Thoughts on Thinking

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / November 3, 2019

How is it we evolve to think with a new mindset using reassessment of our past experiences…and allow this process to translate to improved thinking about our current condition of the Self? How does the evolution of a new mindset allow an individual to understand their own Self or personality and that of another? How does this contribute to a greater satiety for Self and desire for mutuality with another? These are the type of questions considered in this article. Read more

Native American Medicine: The Medicine Wheel

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / October 1, 2019

Native Americans have a deep connection to nature that helps establish and maintain balance, health and wellness. Nature is referred to as “Mother Earth” and is adopted into many numerous Native American customs and traditions…including medicine. Do you know about the Native American “Medicine Wheel”? Read more

Ayurveda: Balancing Life Forces for Vibrant Health

In Patient Engagement By Dr. Charles Shively / September 30, 2019

What kind of balance would you like to see in your life? Health is the happy expression of a balanced life. Would you like to experience this? Using the practice of Ayurveda and its balancing of life forces, one can experience health benefits. It requires establishing proper diets, lifestyles, exercise, spiritual well-being and…importantly… being in tune with one’s body. The result is a physical and mental balance that resists disease and allows wellness to be ever- present. Read more