Pharmacist to Pharmacist Healthcare: “I Have Alzheimer’s”

Unexpected Pharmacy Workflow Challenge...Sound Familiar? This past week during a visit to perform one of my consultant complimentary independent pharmacy workflow assessments, the pharmacist/ owner offered...almost immediately before we started the assessment..."I have Alzheimer's". Momentarily taken back, I then asked: "Why do you believe this?" The individual said: "My memory is failing. I go to do one thing and get distracted by something else and wind up doing something different. I only remember what I went to do when I come back to where I first had the thought". Sound familiar? Read more

Pharmacists May Be Best For Diet Supplement/Meal Replacement Education

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 9, 2014

Many Considerations Should Be Evaluated In today's health-conscious world, information is available from many sources. The internet offers unlimited information through key word searches and reveals information from worldwide locations. What may be the best source of accurate information regarding diet supplements/meal replacements for weight loss? Who remains the most trusted healthcare professional regarding medications and OTC supplements or remedies? Read more

Feminine Forever Articles

In Healthcare Advances By Multiple Authors / November 8, 2014

Feminine Forever Articles (Hosted on DropBox) Feminine Forever Articles

Articles of Interest

In Healthcare Advances By Multiple Authors / November 7, 2014

Please visit this DropBox with a list of interesting articles:  Articles of Interest

Almased® Doesn’t Challenge Body Energy Needs During Weight Loss

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 8, 2014

Slow Metabolism and Weight Loss A plethora of information is available regarding the apparent connection between weight loss and slow metabolism. Perhaps unknown is the silent...but necessary... continuing need for calories to support the necessary body functions while weight loss is occurring...and allow weight loss to continue without challenging necessary body energy needs. Almased® to the rescue! Read more

Healthy Weight Management: Ask Your Pharmacist the Correct Questions

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 9, 2014

Why to Ask? With all the available information from popular websites, magazines, diet outlets and retail healthcare stores and their staff, the decision regarding which weight management program with which to become involved is...I sense... both confusing and complex. There is however an avenue to defining the best approach for weight management...Ask Your Pharmacist! Read more

Almased® and Pharmacists: Inextricably Linked

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 8, 2014

What do Almased®and pharmacists have in common? Ever consider how Almased® and pharmacists are both committed to improving health? Perhaps No...Perhaps Yes? Each, of course, do it in their own way. Read more

Reelin’ In Quality of Life: Are You Ridin’ On?

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 6, 2014

How is it we have Quality of LIfe? Female or male…who here wants to get their Quality of Life back? Are you a Searcher? Ready for Advancement and SLOWING AGE PROCESSES?  I’m in. Are You? Read more