Ethics in Dietary Supplement Advertising

Do you always believe what you read, see or hear? With the plethora of massive social media offerings specific to a particular product, what can be trusted to be truthful and not “adjusted” by the marketing approach to steer the reader away from one product to another? Recently while visiting with a healthcare provider during the continuing America’s Healthcare Tour ( the question of truthfulness in advertising became a lengthy discussion topic. Read more

Gut Disruption and Brain Changes

Once again, the message is clear: The foods we crave and love are doing us harm. Past the transient discomfort of diarrhea, stomach ache, bloating, indigestion and possible irritable bowel disease, is the true harm we experience. Perhaps the most impactful is the silent changes that many foods can effect because of gut disruption in digestion and aggravation of the bacterial balance in the gut or microbiome. Read more

THE LGHP Diet IS Optimized Metabolism

Would the LGHP Diet (low glycemic-high protein) change the SHAPE of things to come? In what SHAPE are you? How is your energy? How is your muscle tone? Can you focus clearly? Do you fear cognitive decline? Does your metabolism need a boost? Do you burn fat with your diet? In what SHAPE are you? Read more

Nutrition, Dementia and Dietary Supplements

Are there foods and dietary supplements that boost memory? YES! Are there foods that increase risks for cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). YES! Poor diet impacts memory and contributes to many serious health problems, including AD. There are over 50 million people worldwide today who have dementia with nearly 65% having AD. It is estimated that three-fourths of these individuals have not received a diagnosis. The World Alzheimer Report reports that nearly 10 million new cases of dementia worldwide are now occurring yearly. This is one new case every 3.2 seconds! The healthcare cost for dementia worldwide has risen to over $1 trillion US yearly. Not surprisingly, the fastest growth is in the elderly population and is taking place in lower to middle income families in China, India, Southern Asia and the Western Pacific. Read more

UNIQUE Fermentation, Digestion and Wellness: A Holistic Approach

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / April 30, 2019

Fermentation Can Improve Wellness! Can fermentation offer a natural process to improving digestion and unique wellness? YES! The value of fermentation to promote digestive comfort has long been known. Used for centuries to enhance the bioavailability of many nutrients or ingredients, market research has confirmed that consumers today value a fermentation approach for nutrients, vitamins and supplements to support digestive health and the resulting microbiome balance in the intestinal gut. Is all fermentation the same or are there unique fermentation techniques to enhance products that unleash full nourishing potential for nutrients which the body can recognize and absorb? Read more

Fat Loss Friends: Adiponectin and Leptin

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / March 19, 2019

Losing Weight, in a healthy way, requires careful attention to many often ignored or unknown supporting body hormone activities which modulate a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation, fatty acid oxidation and rate of metabolism. What causes these metabolic processes to occur? Adiponectin and leptin, two long chain bioactive protein hormones (also called adipocytokines), are secreted along with other hormones from energy stores in white fat tissue. This white fat tissue is of course the same fat which leads to obesity! Seem odd?  Read more

Weighing In On Soy-Derived Lunasin

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / February 4, 2019

Fermented soy and lunasin are building blocks for health. Most people are aware of soy and its protein offering ability. But what is lunasin? Lunasin is a very small structured compound and is an extremely bioactive contributor to our health. Read more

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / December 10, 2018

You are not alone! So many individuals are challenged and become disappointed…even aggravated…trying to lose weight. Good news! Answers to the question why can’t I lose weight are being learned. Weight loss is different for nearly every individual. How can this be? Who is learning the answer to this complex question? Clinical trials ongoing with national governments, recognized special clinics and at least one private organization…with global presence in many different countries…are at the forefront of this research to allow personalized weight loss. Who are these research organizations and what are they doing to define the elusive understanding of how individual metabolism defines our ability to lose and maintain preferred weight? Personalized weight loss is far more complex than just calories, exercise, genetics and food nutrition. Read more