Almased® and Pharmacists: Inextricably Linked

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / November 8, 2014

What do Almased®and pharmacists have in common? Ever consider how Almased® and pharmacists are both committed to improving health? Perhaps No...Perhaps Yes? Each, of course, do it in their own way.

Pharmacists are committed to helping their patients...and hopefully themselves...establish improved individual health quality of life. And Yes, so does Almased®. Read on...and discover how Almased® can improve many health markers in an individual's health quality of life. It is a Health Multi-Tasker.

Almased® and Pharmacists: Health Multi-Taskers

How is it Almased®...a nutraceutical... and pharmacists... each multi-task? Almased® was created to multi-task and improve our health quality of life and style. Which Almased® and pharmacists both demonstrate multi-tasking through performance of critical assists to effect patient and transition support to quality health.

Almased®, an all-natural product, is a member of today's Green Culture evolution. It has evolved to impact individual health from a German kitchen table recipe blended by Hubertus Trouillee (a holistic therapist) to a scientifically validated health care assistor. His singular goal for this recipe? Help humans with slow metabolism. Hummm...Do you suffer slow metabolism? What's the impact of slow metabolism on one's health?

Here's an example. Have you or your patients unknowingly become a member of the MLWG Club? As I've recently learned (never thought of myself as a slow learner, though), I'm disappointed to say... I too am a member. You know...the Mid-Life Weight Gain experience. Importantly, activating our metabolism automatically results in the reduction of unhealthy body fat. Where's your unhealthy fat?

Almased®...a Synergistic, Probiotic Natural Blend Multi-Tasker

Made from high-quality soy, probiotic yogurt, enzyme-rich honey and select vitamins and minerals in a unique fermentation process, this patented process actually increases the effectiveness of the ingredients. Consider the scientifically validated results from eight major European universities demonstrating the healthy metabolic markers impacted:

-Increases fat burning while retaining muscle mass
-Improves energy
-Strengthens the immune system
-Supports healthy bloodpressure
-Improves insulin resistance
-Supports improved kidney function
-Impacts healthy blood fat levels of HDL, LDL and triglycerides
-Works as a natural anti-rheumatic agent

while improving SATIETY and reducing STRESS.

Multi-Tasking Pharmacists

Pharmacists are regularly acknowledged as one of the top three "trusted" professionals (Pharmacy Times magazine). Pharmacists' understanding of the "damage" to health quality of life by conditions associated with obesity, high blood pressure, uncontrolled cholesterol levels, poor kidney function and rheumatism are regularly discussed with their patients at counseling and in transition of care situations following emergency hospital visits. Certified Geriatric Consultant Pharmacists are even more specialized educators and evaluators of support techniques to help affect a healthy quality of life for their patients. Today, they even listen to themselves!

Many younger pharmacists today have their health advantage... certain of the behaviors of their elder pharmacists. Largely unknown to the public is that pharmacists experience or condone many numerous challenges they either do to themselves... or experience during their workday. Here are just a few:

-Starting the day and regularly consuming sugared soft drinks
-Drinking large amounts of caffeinated coffee throughout the day
-Experiencing blood pressure "spikes" during peak prescription filling times each day
-Eating "fast foods" and snacks without lunch breaks
-Experiencing the quiet killer...STRESS.

As a pharmacist, I've experienced each of these. How about you?

Let's Meet On the Other Side...HEALTHY!

My years as a Pharma product formulator were what what lead me to Almased®. In addition to the three (3) key ingredients in this nutraceutical, it also includes vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and E with folic acid, calcium pantothenate and readily adsorbable forms of potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and biotin.

As every pharmacist knows, these additional ingredients are time-valued additives to the daily needed minimum preferred intake levels of vitamins and minerals which we typically do not receive from our regular food intake (poor choices?). Pharmacists are even more challenged than the regular public because they work extended hours (upwards of 14 hour shifts) and rarely have opportunity for a non-working lunch. Yes, it's the fast-paced new age....

The Best Way to Learn about Almased®

Ask your patients or friends! Or visit Today's health-conscious general public is a remarkable source for quality product awareness. How did I learn of the health value of taking Almased®. One of my patients, of course. With ½ cup (it's a powder) in 10-12 ounces of cold unsweetened almond milk (preferred by my patients) at breakfast and lunch, Almased® keeps individuals full longer and keeps ongoing fat burning occurring. This ongoing effect is not unlike many controlled release dosage forms we pharmacists deliver to our patients. Of course, however, it is not a medication. What it is however, is a natural product. No need to consider risk-benefit assessments prior to consumption as it, once again, is not a medicinal agent and doesn't cause drug interactions with traditional medications. Pharmacists have learned many other herb supplement products currently offered to support improvement in similar health markers do effect efficacy of traditional medicines...not so with Almased®.

What's Your Need?

Each individual or patient customer may have a different reason for getting involved with Almased®. Mine primarily was pharmacist stress relief ...which I know contributes to the other possible challenging health markers in my life. Kevin Welch, a song writer and lyricist, summarizes it very appropriately: "Hurting me softly...strong and slow...Stress, Stress, Stress...and I... Suffer, Suffer, Suffer". We all know that when the mind suffers...the body reacts.

Take some time and explore the healthy life style assistors offered by Almased®---the synergistic, probiotic, natural blend multi-tasker.

Almased®and pharmacists...inextricably linked.

Visit or and let us know your thoughts.

Let's meet on the other side...HEALTHY!

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