Fat Loss Friends: Adiponectin and Leptin

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / March 19, 2019

Losing Weight, in a healthy way, requires careful attention to many often ignored or unknown supporting body hormone activities which modulate a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation, fatty acid oxidation and rate of metabolism. What causes these metabolic processes to occur? Adiponectin and leptin, two long chain bioactive protein hormones (also called adipocytokines), are secreted along with other hormones from energy stores in white fat tissue. This white fat tissue is of course the same fat which leads to obesity! Seem odd? 

The key to losing weight, in a healthy way, is that these hormones must be in balance to ensure weight loss. How can this occur? This marvel of body chemistry is revealed later in this article! Once available, the endocrine system then moves these hormones into the blood stream as part of its chemical messenger system which controls fat loss and fat burning. Often unknown, appropriate levels of fat is considered one of the largest endocrine organs in the body and is an active tissue for cellular reactions and metabolic homeostasis. It is actually a “fat loss friend” when correct body mass index (height to weight) is maintained.

How does fatty tissue control the availability of these hormones? How are these hormones available to the individual who desires to lose weight? Even more interesting is how these two hormones or power fat burners come to live in our fatty or adipose tissue? Adiponectin has to be brought to the body through ingestion of specific foods for deposition in the white fatty issue. It is prepared for use as a fat burner through transformation known as gene expression. Gene expression is a mechanism through which the body adjusts nutritional ingredients and prepares hormones to support the body needs for balanced energy substrate metabolism and body composition. This process is actually not a mystery. It occurs continually without our regular attention to maintain weight and insulin levels…except when our weight becomes excessive.

The amount of fatty tissue in the body controls the amount of adiponectin and leptin our body has available to support weight loss. Too much fat (overweight or obese) leads to reduced adiponectin levels. Reduced adiponectin levels can allow increased inflammation, reduced rate of metabolism and reduced weight loss (overall needed fat loss). When higher levels of adiponectin are available, the opposite occurs: Decreases inflammation, boosts metabolism rate and fuels overall fat loss and weight loss.

As you gain fat, the amount of leptin produced increases. This is just opposite to needed adiponectin levels. Healthy weight loss is about balance. Leptin is created by the body and has its home in the adipose or fatty tissue. Leptin offers many advantages during weight loss: Decreases appetite, increases metabolic rate, inhibits deposition of fat and supports increases in physical activity. Once again…as you gain fat… the amount of leptin produced increases. As you lose fat, the amount of leptin produced decreases. Yet there is a needed balance….

Leptin helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger and acts on receptors in the brain (hypothalamus). In obesity, a decreased sensitivity to leptin can occur (similar to insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes). This decreased sensitivity to leptin can result in an inability to detect satiety (hunger needs) despite high blood levels.

How do we keep adiponectin and leptin in balance to effect healthy weight? Foods we ingest must possess the necessary amino acids to support adiponectin conversion through gene expression in the body and leptin availability in fat tissue stores. Does this require ingestion of multiple foods? NO!

Are there meal replacement dietary supplements which contain a minimum of twelve amino acid additives which help increase these necessary hormone adjustments? A survey of current natural based dietary supplements which support healthy weight loss and meal replacement without stimulants does not reveal many choices. One product which offers the necessary levels of twelve key amino acids to energize the production of adiponectin and leptin is the dietary supplement powder Almased. (www.Almased.com).


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