Global Research Defines Dietary Supplements Today

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / August 13, 2018

What is Quality?
Quality in a dietary supplement is the essence of commitment by a manufacturer to ensuring consumer satisfaction with product use. How is quality ensured? It starts with meticulous attention to the selection and testing of raw materials used in the product and subsequent production techniques. Special conditions during production must be monitored and include final quality testing to meet the established specifications for ingredient content of all ingredients in the finished product is mandatory. What remains to be completed? The answer is clinical research….worldwide…through advanced clinical models in those countries where the product is sold. Do consumers care about these studies? Market research says YES!

How is Quality Clinical Research for Dietary Supplements Defined Today?
No longer acceptable are studies that just ask “Is this better than other products you have used?” Consumers wish to know about the unique features of a product and why it is superior to other products. This can only be answered for consumers by organizations that establish clinical research models that set the reference standard for the industry…worldwide. How is this done? The first step involved is the critical design of the actual study by a seasoned research specialist (usually a PhD is involved) and subsequent approval by the health authorities in the country where the study is to be conducted. Once the clinical study design is approved the next step is often defining the world wide acknowledged centers of research where seasoned clinical investigators involved with dietary supplement knowledge exist. These investigators follow the well-defined controlled study design which has reference controls needed.

What Quality Clinical Research Models Exist Today?
Surprisingly there are very few clinical research efforts ongoing today… in worldwide locations… for the same dietary supplement product. Few efforts exist based upon literature search and online investigation. Supporting the utility of any dietary supplement should involve studies that address impact on metabolic syndrome and metabolism adjustment in the different geographic populations. Are there studies that address these conditions in many countries to improve the worldwide challenge for ¬¬¬weight management? YES!!!

Which Countries are Involved in this Research Today?
Germany. England. Canada. USA. What do the studies expect as outcomes? Early results of the year long studies indicate that for one product, the Almased powder, with unsweetened almond milk or water in a smoothie shake is superior. This is a new advance for the dietary supplements industry. or

Why is this Important?
Metabolic syndrome and its impact on diabetes, insulin demand and including heart challenges and weight gain require every day… EVERY DAY… attention through personal commitment to health and wellness. Any product chosen for every day wellness and weight management should support these challenges. What product should you chose?

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