Seven Points of Difference With LGHP Diet Impacting Change of Life

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / August 27, 2019

Why are individuals seeking a Change of Life today? How is Change of Life defined in today’s fast paced world? For many it is about seeking holistic wellness in mind, body and spirit. This wellness through a Change of Life can be achieved by adjusting our mindset and embracing daily seven key elements. Why is this important? These seven keys can cause release of restrictions that slow our progress toward longevity. What are these seven points of difference that can define Change of Life today?

The cornerstone of a Change of Life philosophy is centered on the impact of nutrition through meal replacement choice. Recent science completed at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and presented at international obesity conferences proved that use of a low-glycemic high-protein diet (LGHP) can increase the basal metabolism rate, increase calorie burning and modify how the body handles fat and carbohydrates. What is the result? Lost weight, lost fat and lost inches while sleeping better and waking up energized and ready to start each day. Interested? Optimized MetabolismBrain fatigue

What are the points of difference that result from the Change of Life through use of the LGHP diet?

Firstly, most individuals become almost battle-conscious of trying new diets. Prior unsuccessful experiences cause hesitation. Without positive results the initiative to continue diminishes and the mind loses the battle to control the lost spirit for success. The LGHP diet can support restoration of mind-body control. Many books have been written about this mind-body axis. The LGHP diet helps restore initiative for weight loss through the mind-body condition of satiety (overall comfort). Conundrum. Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Secondly, complicating this loss of spirit to remain active with any diet is the return to unhealthy and highly processed foods that contain GMO based ingredients including wheat and sugar. The glutenous effect of wheat and inflammatory action of sugar challenges the flora of the intestinal tract. The result is an angry or irritated microbiome that does not respond to the body’s traditional hormone release to control hunger. This state of imbalance is only compounded by eating unhealthy snacks. The LGHP diet calms this hunger imbalance with patient yet relaxing hormone adjustment of leptin and grehlin. It works. Clinical research over the past fifteen years prove this. Inflammation. Why we get hungry

This author, as a fifty-year holistic scientist, has learned to evaluate new approaches to Change of Life approaches through a seven element or points of difference formula. The science counts! Living in a fast-paced environment which induces stress adds to the formula that induces lack of holistic wellness. Our metabolism becomes lethargic. Metabolism slows down. With age, it becomes slower. We tire easily. Is there a solution or assist to this dilemma? What does the science say? The LGHP diet suggests there is an answer. Faster metabolism is healthy. Optimized Metabolism

A fourth element in any holistic wellness formula should be immune system support. The result from loss of necessary minerals and elements which control body immune system performance is obvious. Does the LGHP diet offer support to the critical minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids that the body must have to be strong? What are these minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids that accelerate the formation of the body’s drive for elements that encourage the stoppage of modifications in the genetic sequence code of every individual DNA? These are present in the LGHP proprietary and guarded formula on the LGHP diet. Importantly, it is natural, non-GMP, gluten-free, stimulant-free and diabetic friendly with a very low glycemic index. Unique Fermentation. Faster Metabolism

A fifth element contributing Change of Life through nutrition and meal replacement choice demands fat-burning. What is the powerful fat burner? It is known as adiponectin, which is included in the LGHP holistic formula (developed more than thirty years ago) and supports burning more fat than other popular diets. It also supports healthy blood-sugar levels and appetite regulating hormones. This is scientific proven. It has a synergistic effect with the hormone leptin which teaches the brain to “hunger relax”. Adiponectin. Fat Loss Friends

Should any diet be more than a single protein? YES! The multi-protein formula of the LGHP proprietary and secret proprietary blend of the 30 year old sustainable Almased formula, developed by the holistic practitioner, Hubertis Trouille, has stood the test of time. It is now valued by Olympic athletes and daily sport and exercise enthusiasts to activate the naturally derived enzymes involved in the proprietary LGHP formula to ensure bioactive proteins can be activated by the essential amino acids contained in the LGHP formula. Does this happen? Research from over fifteen years of research are available. Bioactive Peptides. Holistic Approach.

What is the seventh point of difference in the holistic formula for wellness and success? It is the commitment by the individual to believe that I wish to have a complete holistic balance between mind, body and spirit as I advance toward a Change of Life attitude and belief. Many individuals have experienced this change. It involved the LGHP diet. Key mindset changes. Visit

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