THE LGHP Diet IS Optimized Metabolism

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / May 29, 2019

Would the LGHP Diet (low glycemic-high protein) change the SHAPE of things to come? In what SHAPE are you? How is your energy? How is your muscle tone? Can you focus clearly? Do you fear cognitive decline? Does your metabolism need a boost? Do you burn fat with your diet? In what SHAPE are you?

The LGHP Diet can help and more! Why? It adjusts our body to refuse challenges from the modern diet associated with a fast lifestyle which often challenges conscious concern for our nutritional needs. The different organs of the body require different “fuels”. These “fuels” should come from a low glycemic-high protein diet that supports diet modifications to include leafy green vegetables daily, cold-water fish including salmon twice a week, use of berries and dark-skinned fruits regularly, nut meats and even coffee and dark chocolate can support this LGHP Diet approach to wellness.

Why do we overeat? Many of the foods that are traditionally thought as staples in any diet are those that contribute to the eventual shape or condition we become. Consuming too little of healthy fat, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and adequate vitamin and minerals causes many significant quiet changes in our shape. Which foods are the worst shape-busters? Sugar, processed foods (including sausages and cold cut smokes meats), white foods (bread, flour, rice, pasta) and many others. And of course, there is microwave popcorn which increases amyloid plaques (Alztheimer’s Disease).

Why is faster metabolism healthy? Metabolism is the catalyst that allows efficient performance of the body’s vital functions (brain, immune system, thyroid, digestive system, enzyme production, etc.) that results from constant formation of new and fresh, healthy functioning cells while eliminating the non-performing older sick and corrupt cells. Faster metabolism causes ongoing replacement of poorly functioning cells and prevents opportunities for elimination of sickness and undesired health issues (weight gain, blood sugar rise, tiredness, cognitive decline and loss of satiety) which can become prominent.

The LGHP Diet is about improving the shape of things to come. The body, the brain, the digestive system, the muscles, and possible cognitive decline all need faster metabolism, fat- burning, energy and the diabetic friendly support associated with an LPHP Diet.

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