Understanding the Value of Almased® on the Gut-Brain Connection

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / November 6, 2014

Are you a "snacker"? You know, the 10AM, 2PM and 4PM need (cravings or lust?) for something to offset that hungry feeling. What controls that urge and the then-conscious decision to eat something...typically unhealthy? It's the gut-brain connection and result of lack of appetite control.

Many health-conscious individuals often ask: "Why do I snack? How can I better manage my snacking urge? Many have experienced through the 14 day meal replacement plan outlined by Silke Ullmann, a certified nutritionist, followed by the regular use of Almased® can help "release" one's submission to the gut-brain connection and its mandate to snack. Believe me...I know...and so do many healthcare conscious individuals. Do you?

The Enteric/Nervous System Arrangement

The gut-brain connection is yet another example of mind-body connection. Many health-conscious individuals are well aware of the power of the mind-body connection through readings yet have not explored the enteric nervous system "arrangement" between the esophagus, stomach, pancreas and gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. The gut-brain linkage senses caloric restriction or skipped meals and "labels" them as forthcoming famine...immediately. Can diet choice adjust this appetite desire? Of course....

Is Stress a Player in this Game of Appetite Starvation?

For those desiring weight loss, and involved in today's fast paced world, stress is a primary companion for many. Do meal replacement approaches impact stress reduction and appetite suppression? Unless proper dieting or meal replacement approaches are used, dieting can actually increase one human hormone, corticol and also aggravate or calm ghrelin, a key appetite stomach (gut) appetite-controlling hormone. Ghrelin hormone works by stimulating the dopamine (opiate receptors) reward center in the stomach to make food a pleasurable experience and more memorable yet filling. Body over mind or mind over body?

Many dieting or meal replacement options, through inclusion of stimulants, would appear to aggravate this gut-brain (mind-body) connection. Select products without stimulants do not aggravate the gut-brain (mind-body) connection. Alamsed® is an all-natural meal replacement and...does not aggravate the connection...it has a calming effect. Importantly, another stomach appetite suppressing hormone...leptin...has a key role in the need for snacks or food and furthermore can impact insulin resistance. Individuals with diabetes are very sensitive to the release of leptin. Typically unknown, the meal replacement Almased® does adjust...and calm... the gut-brain connection and its drive to release of insulin. How?

Ghrelin and Leptin-The Major Players in Appetite and Diabetes Suppression

Without a regular balance of hormone release, challenges to this gut-brain (mind-body) connection and appetite suppression can occur. Almased® has been shown in scientific studies (University of Freiburg, Germany) in a unique Breakfast Study, comparing the use of Almased® with traditional food ingestion, demonstrated reduced levels of insulin after 4 hours. This was attributed to reduced release of the stomach hormones, ghrelin and leptin. A result: hunger pangs were reduced along with the "snacking" desire. The larger result? Almased® keeps one full longer and additionally optimizes the fat-burning process...the primary reason for meal replacement and dieting. Yet another study completed with the Department of Sports Medicine at the University of Freiburg, Germany vertified the appetite adjuster Almased® not only encouraged weight loss and improved body composition but also supported healthy leptin and insulin levels. On average, insulin and leptin levels were decreased by approximately 40% over the course of the 24 week long diet with Almased® (Dibert, P., Konig, D., Frey, I. and Berg, A.: Obesity Reviews, 2010, 11, Supplement 1, 240). To achieve fat burning and satiety, insulin has to be stabilized at a low level. These studies indicated Alamsed® supported this effect.

Which Meal Replacement Approach is Best For You?

After completing the initial 14 day fat-burning, weight loss program available from Almased®, ongoing use once or twice daily can continue its unique health multi-tasking ability. Many health-conscious individuals know this...and feel better about themselves. The unique patented combination of soy, probiotic yogurt and energized honey...with a glycemic load of just 4...makes Almased® the natural choice for meal replacement.

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