UNIQUE Fermentation, Digestion and Wellness: A Holistic Approach

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / April 30, 2019

Fermentation Can Improve Wellness!

Can fermentation offer a natural process to improving digestion and unique wellness? YES! The value of fermentation to promote digestive comfort has long been known. Used for centuries to enhance the bioavailability of many nutrients or ingredients, market research has confirmed that consumers today value a fermentation approach for nutrients, vitamins and supplements to support digestive health and the resulting microbiome balance in the intestinal gut.

Is all fermentation the same or are there unique fermentation techniques to enhance products that unleash full nourishing potential for nutrients which the body can recognize and absorb?

Are All Fermented Products the Same?

NO! Many products will suggest on their product labels that fermentation enables the activated nutrient or vitamin will have improved availability or absorption because the nutrients or vitamins are predigested for the body to use as a food. How does this fermentation occur? Is it chemical based or “natural” without the use of the chemicals? Is it a patented process for the manufacturer or distributor?

Often overlooked by consumers is how the fermentation process occurs to enhance any ingredient effectiveness. Product labels do not typically teach how the fermentation occurs. Only select products will identify on the product label if there is a unique fermentation process used. Why is this important? Fermentation which uses a natural and non-GMO process is possible. How is this visible on the product label? The label of the product should suggest there is a unique fermentation used.

What are the fermentation processes used today?

To effect ingredient enhancement, primary fermentation processes for years have been typically based on processes using chemical exposure (lactic acid or ethanol) to the nutrient or vitamin. How does this impact the non-GMO or “natural” condition of the enhanced nutrient or vitamin? The product marketplace available for consumer supplements used to support wellness is complete with fermented products using un-natural or chemical fermentation processing offering (with assumed support to wellness): Ginseng, Vitamin C, Kale, Aloe, Algae and many others. Are they “naturally fermented”? NO!

What is the most natural fermentation process used today?

There is a natural non-GMO unique fermentation process that has been used for over thirty years. The product using this natural non-GMO unique fermentation process is available for consumers who wish a complete meal replacement or dietary supplement to effect weight loss, sports nutrition support, metabolism adjustment and wellness? YES, it does exist.

What is this “natural non-GMO” fermentation process? The honey bees know!!! It is the enzymes contained in their honey which can ferment plant-based nutrients. No chemicals are involved! Just the enzymes from select bee farm sources in Europe and Mexico. The one non-GMO certified product which uses natural honey from these select bee farm sources to effect non-GMO fermentation of key product nutrients and yields a naturally fermented dietary supplement is the globally available product known as Almased. It is a quick dispersing powder used to make smoothies.

The Almased product is a non-GMO, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, protein-rich, muscle-mass retentive, fat-burning holistic proprietary powder blend of special isolate fermented soy, natural honey and low fat yogurt. It also contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. There are no artificial fillers, flavors, colorants, added sugars, preservatives or stimulants in the product.

Supported by over 30 years of experience and published global research, this proprietary blend supports the retention of muscle mass while losing fat, allows the gut microbiome to support digestive and immune system function, provides beneficial bioactive peptides to support wellness and controls hunger by balancing leptin and ghrelin---the hunger hormones.

More information is available at www.Almased.com, www.Almased.de, and www.almased.co.uk.




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