Weighing In On Soy-Derived Lunasin

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / February 4, 2019

Fermented soy and lunasin are building blocks for health. Most people are aware of soy and its protein offering ability. But what is lunasin? Lunasin is a very small structured compound and is an extremely bioactive contributor to our health.

It works at the most basic human level and actually directs how our existing DNA or genetic code influences the cells of the body. Fermented soy is a source for lunasin and offers an amazing opportunity for potential health benefits through this bioactive ingredient. Considering the fact that the human body is composed of nearly 30 trillion individual cells, lunasin presence, taken into the body through soy ingestion, can be and is a prime time player in human health.

Lunasin is a naturally occurring, biologically active, peptide. Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are composed of naturally occurring amino acids . When we eat protein we are consuming amino acids and peptides. Soy of course is 36-56 percent pure protein. This energy and health “food chain” is composed of the following steps: Soy, Protein, Bioactive Peptides, Lunasin, Amino Acids. But why is this important?

 Biologically active peptides like lunasin play an important role in regulation (speed) and modulation (adjustment) of metabolism. During gastrointestinal digestion, food processing and enzymatic hydrolysis (breakdown) of food proteins occurs and releases biologically active peptides. Lunasin, a bioactive peptide, has been shown in many worldwide scientific studies to have health-adjusting actions. It is an anti-hypertensive, anti-oxidative, anti-obesity, immunological strengthening, cholesterol lowering and anti-cancer agent.

As is known, the DNA (genetic blueprint) of any individual is established at conception and cannot be controlled. Yet our lifestyle choices can control the ongoing actions of the genes that compose our DNA and the ongoing effects on cell function. As an example, smoking adds a genetic “tag” to particular genes and turns them into “bad genes”. Lunasin, on the other hand, has been shown in extensive scientific studies worldwide, to add through its inclusion into the actual gene structure a good genetic “tag”. With good “tags”, the actions of these modified genes are transferred to all cells in the body on an ongoing basis. The result? Improved health.

Would you agree fermented soy and its lunasin are primetime players in our overall health?


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