Why “All Natural” Isn’t Always Natural

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / November 5, 2014

Does Your Gut Like What You Eat?

As interest in eating “healthy or organic” foods increases, many food and meal replacement producers are working to greatly reduce or avoid the use of genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s). Why avoid these types of ingredients?

GMO (genetically modified) foods and ingredients create allergens the gut (human digestive tract) sees as enemies often causing a histamine release, increasing localized inflammation while additionally disturbing the natural flora of the human digestive tract.

There is a preferred balance of “good and bad” bacteria lining the digestive tract (80% good, 20% bad) which have different roles in food and medication “digestion”. This balance of different bacteria supports the intact, layered, “filtration system” lining the gut. GMO foods and ingredients challenge this balance. This intact filtration system lining the digestive tract works to reduce passage of those damaging elements that can pass directly into the blood circulation (ie, fat and many others). This exists when a state of non-continuous filtration exists (“holes or channels”) in the multi-layered filtration system is present. GMO foods or ingredients contribute to this “leaky gut”.

Does Your Gut Like Almased?

Yes. The key ingredients in Almased…non-GMO soy, probiotic yogurt and honey of true natural origin (the bee’s know…)…do not typically challenge the natural flora balance of 80/20 good to bad bacteria necessary for healthy digestion. Maintaining this bacteria balance is particularly important when dieting or using meal replacement products. How does this work?

Hormones in the gut that control appetite through providing signals to the brain regarding appetite are encouraged to be more active when this good/bad bacteria balance gets out of balance. GMO foods or ingredients adjust the flora to a higher level of bad bacteria. Subsequent actions that are caused include oddities in insulin production and resultant fat production…all passing through the “leaky” gut directly into the bloodstream. With regular digestive tract filtration system challenges, many negative health effects can advance. Over time, we become “What We Eat”.

Probiotics To The Rescue

Where does our food supply and many product ingredients originate? Upwards of 80% of foods and ingredients contain GMO ingredients---modified wheat is everpresent. If a better good/bad bacterial balance is desired…to improve health quality…an immersion into learning from where our food and ingredients orginates is mandatory…yes mandatory! When reduction (with total elimination if possible being the goal) of wheat, wheat-based and GMO foods offered in the grocery or drugstore, careful examination of the labels of products and the contained ingredients, colorants, country origin source of vegetables and “organically grown” claims can be time-consuming. Does that pre-packaged “sub” sandwich you pick up at the local grocery have an ingredient list almost as long as the sub itself? Healthcare professionals know the most healthy foods and products come from heirloom plants which have never been genetically modified. Do you grow your own vegetables and fruits? Not surprisingly, they even taste better. As another consideration, vegetables and fruits imported into the US often have been exposed to pesticides not recognized as safe by the US government. Chile is the worst offender. Colorants used in products have a particularly negative effect on the bacterial flora balance as nearly all are derived from petroleum. Once again, Almased, with its composition, works to avoid these bacterial flora balance challenges.

Probiotics Can Adjust Return to a Healthy Gut

Probiotics are actually “good” bacteria. Yogurt is one of the best sources of probiotics. Almased contains probiotic yogurt. The best products contain yogurts sourced from milk without GMO exposure. When examining any product label, it is important to “trace backward” the possible steps the labelled ingredient may have experienced in its life cycle. Please recall again, nearly 80% of all ingredients in foods and ingredients in products are GMO modified. The key ingredients in Almased are not-GMO. Many do not know that when we take antibiotic medications, we should also include probiotics simultaneously. Almased, unlike many other “natural” products, can be used when taking antibiotic medications without interfering with therapy success…and offers a probiotic assist through its inclusion of probiotic yogurt.

Almased is Gut Friendly

When used as a diet supplement or meal replacement product, Almased with its non-GMO ingredients of soy, probiotic yogurt and natural honey would appear to not interfere with the bacterial blora balance. It’s value in establishing adjust insulin levels, balanced bllod pressure levels, appetite hormone and overall satiety has been scientifically established by well-recognized European Universities and researchers. Almased is the truly “natural” decision to support dieting and meal replacement.

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