Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / December 10, 2018

You are not alone! So many individuals are challenged and become disappointed…even aggravated…trying to lose weight. Good news! Answers to the question why can’t I lose weight are being learned. Weight loss is different for nearly every individual. How can this be? Who is learning the answer to this complex question? Clinical trials ongoing with national governments, recognized special clinics and at least one private organization…with global presence in many different countries…are at the forefront of this research to allow personalized weight loss.

Who are these research organizations and what are they doing to define the elusive understanding of how individual metabolism defines our ability to lose and maintain preferred weight? Personalized weight loss is far more complex than just calories, exercise, genetics and food nutrition.

Answers to why certain individuals cannot lose weight are being found in research settings which use metabolic chambers---a controlled environment room where individuals and their total energy and metabolism is monitored, checked, evaluated and defined under controlled conditions of exercise, relaxation events and nutrition. Controlled studies at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA, Mayo Clinic (USA) and one global private organization…Almased Wellness GmbA (www.Almased.de) and its US (www.Almased.com) and UK operations (www.Almased.uk) are the research thought leaders in this area of whole body calorimetry and its evaluation of glucometabolic processes.

The 2019 America’s Healthcare Tour currently in progress (www.AskDrS.org), in collaboration with the Boca Ciega Research Consortium (St. Petersburg, Florida), has as a primary focus to understand how the average consumer views the impact of metabolism on weight loss and wellness and to share the mysteries being unlocked by elite organizations and scientists.

The ups and downs of a lifelong journey to lose weight for most individuals is centered on glucometabolic regulation and nutrition. It is the catalyst which can adjust or impact alterations in the body’s metabolism which involve insulin resistance, glucose and lipid metabolism and the increased blood pressure associated with obesity. Glucometabolic regulation and faster metabolism can effect weight loss outcomes.

Perhaps the most advanced metabolic study being conducted by a private organization is currently nearing completion at the University of Alberta Center for Health Research Innovation and its Human Nutrition Research Unit. This metabolic study using the state-of-the art live-in whole body calorimetry unit (WBCU) is a randomized, controlled, cross-over trial investigation assessing the impact of a high-protein diet on substrate oxidation and energy metabolism in healthy women. The study is funded by Almased Wellness GmbA (www.Almased.de) and utilizes the Almased powder dietary supplement for weight management. This privately funded evidence-based clinical trial and those being conducted by NIH and Mayo Clinic are advancing the science which offers understanding about the complexities of metabolic syndrome and weight loss.

Yes indeed… these studies are explaining “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

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