Why Faster Metabolism is Healthy

Category: Healthcare Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / October 23, 2018

Your metabolism at rest counts for up to 75 percent of the calories you burn daily to maintain vital body functions. So, when you are not physically moving, your body is naturally burning calories for you without much effort. The problem with the metabolism is that it does not run at a fixed rate. It can change overtime, mostly slowing down due to diet, stress, age and many other factors. Here’s what you need to understand about the metabolism and energy.

Which comes first? Energy or Metabolism? Are they related? How do these separate activities translate to wellness and health? Metabolism is the catalyst that allows efficient performance of the body’s vital functions (brain, immune system, thyroid, enzyme production, etc.) that results from constant formation of new and fresh, healthy functioning cells while eliminating the non-performing older cells (including the “sick” or “corrupt”). Energy of course is the ability to do work. Separation of the concepts of energy and metabolism is difficult because metabolism needs energy to allow the chemical changes that take place inside every living cell…the some 30 trillion cells which compose the human body…to occur.

Telephone surveys completed as part of the 2019 Healthcare Advocate Tour (www.AskDrS.org) confirmed that most healthcare professionals (allopathic physicians, naturopathic physicians, pharmacists and nurses) including typical consumers do not understand how increased or robust metabolism (without the use of stimulants) drives health and wellness.

How can faster metabolism occur? How does it impact the opportunity for increased health and wellness? Without the constant ongoing replacement of poorly functioning cells through healthy metabolism, opportunities for sickness and undesired health issues (weight gain, blood sugar rise, tiredness and loss of satiety) can manifest. Two questions that must be asked are: Where does the fuel (energy) to maintain a high performing, robust metabolism come from? How do the cells obtain energy and how do they use it (transfer) molecules in and out of the cell to effect key body functions? With energy, metabolic reactions that occur within the cell are catalyzed or caused to happen by available enzymes triggered for action by hormones secreted upon signals from the brain, the thyroid and the digestive tract (the microbiome).

The fuel (energy) to complete this constant faster metabolism and resulting chain of events must be sourced from either the body’s available dietary amino acids, complex carbohydrates (broken down into simple sugars), fat stores and the foods and nutrients consumed on a daily basis.

A recent online literature search revealed that research to define the relationship between faster metabolism and energy has already started. This ongoing study is being completed at the Center for Health Research Innovation at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Key to this research is the evaluation and impact on energy expenditure and substrate oxidation using a high-protein proprietary blend diet product (www.Almased.com). This human trial is being completed as a randomized, controlled, cross-over study, and uses a sophisticated metabolic chamber (controlled environment room) in which individual participants are monitored for many metabolic events with subsequent blood analysis. The ongoing trial study design, including preliminary data, was presented at the recent 25th European Congress on Obesity, Vienna Austria, May 23-26, 2018.

This study has confirmed what is already being recommended by many US healthcare practitioners: “Oral ingestion of these “power foods or super foods” (like this high-protein proprietary blend) are demonstrating success of increased energy production and the faster metabolism that occurs supporting overall health and wellness”. End-consumers are learning that use of this unique proprietary-blend power or super food is extremely helpful in effecting weight loss, insulin management and controlling hunger attacks and binge eating.

Perhaps most important is that both healthcare practitioner and end-consumer individuals in mainstream US have learned that an energy-driven faster metabolism is essential for health and wellness.

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