DOSIS: An Advanced Pharmacy Automation Dispensing System

Category: Pharmacy Advances Written by Dr. Charles Shively / November 8, 2014

DOSIS: An Advanced Pharmacy Automation Dispensing System

What's a DOSIS? In ancient times, the Greeks used the term dosis to describe "a measured dose of medicine". Do you recall this term while reading Homer's Odyssey or Aristotle's writings on Economics (one of his 23 volumes translated and published in 1935 by the Harvard University Press)?

Today, DOSIS represents the brand name of an advanced system for medication dispensing. I suppose it may well be the oldest established "brand" dates back to 5th century B.C. As you might suspect, engineers at Manchac (designers and manufacturers of the DOSIS L60 pharmacy automation system) completed an extensive historical search to define the best name for their DOSIS L60. Pretty clever...

The DOSIS L60 unit, the first of several planned medication blister card automated dispensing systems offered by Manchac Technologies LLC of Alexandria, Louisiana, performs all of the necessary unit dose dispensing, packaging and labeling steps for each requested prescription or physician order. Consider the staff time-savings and improved pharmacy workflow available with this system...and no misfills!

It's About Through-Put

Many users of lesser functional single dose packaging systems don't appreciate the extensive time-saving and medication control functions the DOSIS L60 effects. The lesser-function systems available in the automated filling, dispensing and labeling of unit dose orders demand various levels of human involvement:

-Blister sheet placement
-Hopper drug addition
-Manual verification of filled blister card cells
-Subsequent placement of the bottom blister sheet "card"
-Manual verification of the sealed blister card
-Manual placement of label

Several systems even require the "dispensing" technician to use both hands and feet---simultaneously---to effect completion of the various individual steps...and most importantly... the eyes. Keep those hands away from the moving parts....

Owners of the DOSIS L60 don't have these issues or worries. It completes all of these steps with contaminant-free, specifically-developed green environment housing. It is the ultimate filling and dispensing system for unit dose blister cards. Unit dose blister card dispensing solution = DOSIS L60.

Experiencing Mislabeled Blister-Pak Cards?

Manual label application, during the dispensing process, is just one of several pharmacy workflow steps where misfills can occur. Other unit dose blister card packaging systems require multiple human interventions to complete the filling process...including labeling...can't ensure no misfills or mislabeling. When processing hundreds of medication requests daily...regardless of the intended patient receipt delivery location...local pharmacy, skilled nursing facility, long term care/assisted living or long term care residence, accurate medication processing is mandatory, not an option! DOSIS L60 meets the challenge.

How Many DOSIS Units Might You Need?

One of the most impressive operations using DOSIS L60's is in Ohio. They have installed ten (10)...yes 10... DOSIS L60's in a U-shaped configuration; an ideal example of a perfect implementation! The pharmacy personnel and administrators have merged most of their counting, medication filling, sealed packaging and patient-specific labeling tasks together. Nearly 70% of the requested medication patient-specific completions are done using the ten (10) DOSIS L60's.

I like to think of this operation at the Ohio Department of Mental Health in Columbus, Ohio as "THE BANK"...rivaling many of the computer server "farms" supporting large healthcare organizations I have visited. Does each Dosis L60 have a personal name? It would be a big family for sure.

What's In A Name?

A trend seems to be occurring in the naming of the DOSIS L60's in the many installation locations where these pharmacy automated dispensing systems reside. Personal names for automated pharmacy dispensing systems are very popular in the pharmacy automated dispensing vial-filling segment. Names like Stella, Regina, Max, Junior and a most recent addition...Fast Eddy...exist. I'm still waiting to learn from a pharmacy automated dispensing operation that their unit has been named Long Tall Sally (the name of a song from the 80's).

I've decided to contact the numerous owners of DOSIS L60 units across the US to assemble the names they have chosen. Should be a fun exercise. Let me know if your unit has a name. My e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will share it with Randall Murphy, Vice-President of Operations at Manchac. Better still, why not send it directly to Randall? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As we all know, no better place exists to understand the features and benefits of the DOSIS L60 pharmacy automated dispensing system than to go to "the source". You may even wish to call him at 877.626.2422.

Once again, let us know what your DOSIS L60 has been named. DOSIS L60...THE CHAMPION in the unit dose blister-pak arena and is a Preferred Business Partner of RxMedic Systems in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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