Convenient Care Pharmacy: Multiple Locations with Automated Dispensing Systems

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Success in Numbers in Moultrie, Georgia

Ever been to Moultrie, Georgia? Moultrie is approximately 25 miles from the Georgia-Florida border in central southern Georgia. It's only 40 miles from Tallahassee, Florida.

If one chooses to drive northeast on US 321 with continuance on Georgia 107, connection with Georgia Highway 1 allows travel through Vidalia onion country...the sweet onions! Another RxMedic ADS installation exists along this route in Hazelhurst, Georgia. An upcoming blog/article will showcase this independent pharmacy operation. But today, we are in Moultrie, Georgia....

As part of the continuing RxMedic Customer Appreciation Tour to business partners using the RxMedic ADS (Automated Dispensing System), Moultrie, Georgia has two independent pharmacy locations owned by Greg Yarbrough, RPh that value the RxMedic ADS. Greg actually owns four (4) pharmacies in this area: two (2) in Moultrie, Georgia, one (1) in Thomasville, Georgia (some 15 miles south) and the Turning Point Drug Rehabilitation pharmacy located in, and affiliated with, the Colquitt Regional Medical Center in Moultrie, Georgia . Greg's operations in Moultrie are not far from perhaps one of the most magnificent the town square...many will ever experience.

Why Multiple Locations with Multiple RxMedic ADS?

In a town of approximately 15,000 and a Colquitt county population of 46,000, Greg's Convenient Care Pharmacies have been a mainstay of pharmacy service and healthcare advance since the 1970's. The original Convenient Care Pharmacy, across from the Colquitt Regional Medical Center, was founded by Greg's father (Clyde-a University of Georgia graduate) and later following Greg's graduation from the University of Georgia, Greg opened Convenient Care Pharmacy #2 on West Central Street in Moultrie. The West Central operation has been in existence for 9 years.

When entering the pharmacy, the openness of the facility (supported by floor to ceiling glass exterior walls) is stunning. The RxMedic ADS in this facility (nicknamed "Josh") presents proudly overlooking the prescription drop-off, processing and counseling areas. This pharmacy fills some 450-700 prescriptions daily depending upon the day and time of month with Medicine on Time packaging as needed. Convenient Care Pharmacy services area long term care facilities with medication dispensing and delivery in addition to its regular walk-in customers. With as many as 12 employees working at this facility (two (2) pharmacists-Greg and Jennifer Mercer, PharmD from Mercer University in 2003, three (3) certified pharmacy techs (Shaun, Kayla and Joni) and seven (7) customer service individuals-including delivery), Greg has a pharmacy workflow efficient and profitable operation in place. A final observation: Absolutely no stress to staff was occurring...with phones ringing... during my one hour visit. Amazing.

Another RxMedic ADS resides on 32nd Street in Moultrie

Sala Newsome, RPh is the PIC at Convenient Care Pharmacy (#1) located across from the Colquitt Regional Medical Center. Working with six (6) professionals including Certified Pharmacy Techs Nick and Mandy and four (4) experienced staff (Scott, Brandie, Brandon and Kayla), Sala has been able to spend additional time on med synchronization and increasing patient medication adherence due to the presence of the RxMedic ADS. As with other pharmacy owners who have the RxMedic ADS, no misfills or miscounts occur precluding labor and time intensive investigations to verify accuracy. The ability of the RxMedic ADS to complete as many as seven (7) of the twelve to thirteen (12-13) typical pharmacy workflow steps in the dispensing and approval process allows time to effect other pharmacy service activities...including medication therapy management opportunities for additional reimbursement.

Similar Challenges to Pharmacy ROI Are Occurring At Every RxMedic Customer Location

Success as an independent pharmacy or chain of independent pharmacies today is a balancing act...balancing time to complete the traditional pharmacy workflow issues with the new efforts demanded by the Affordable Healthcare Act and star-rating performance now being demanded by insurance payors and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM's). The three biggest issues facing independent pharmacy owners today are exclusionary pricing (not being offered Preferred Pharmacy Status with reimbursement networks), reimbursement fees for prescription filling (only $1 for all pharmacy services for each prescription filling in many cases with slowness by payors to keep current with drug pricing changes) and mandatory patient prescription filling through third parties (mail or specific sites) precluding filling at many independent pharmacies.

The various pharmacies which Greg Yarbrough owns are working to offset these challenges to pharmacy ROI by increasing the number of medication therapy management efforts completed weekly (for reimbursement...although a thirty (30) minute/patient exercise if done properly) and medication synchronization (all patient prescriptions are dispensing and filled on a once-a-month cycle where possible. Jack Adams, PIC at the Turning Point Rehab site, oversees the MTM effort.

Convenient Care Pharmacies (including the Turning Point Drug Rehab facility and the full service Thomasville, GA operation) use TV commercials on local major networks, radio and newspapers to market their successful pharmacy practice an area with limited demographic financial presence and marginal internet access. There are, as many entrepreneurs know, various ways to market a business to their specific market without any website presence. Convenient Care Pharmacy is just one of many independent pharmacies in southern and southeastern Georiga whose involvement with an RxMedic ADS has allowed continued success.

Convenient Care Pharmacy #2: 720 West Central Avenue, Moultrie, GA. Telephone: 229.890.6054

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