NCPA 116th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition

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With Mark Riley's welcome of Lone Star State Greetings, the National Community Pharmacists Association Annual Convention and Trade Exposition put its "boots" on the floor.

Dr. Riley, NCPA President for 2013-2014, offered: "NCPA's commitment to its members is to develop practical opportunities and solutions for independent community pharmacists to make their small businesses more successful. The framework is a combination of traditional product dispensing in conjunction with patient care that maximizes the appropriate use of medication and provides individualized service. As always, NCPA is committed to advocacy—zealously championing and defending the best interests of independent community pharmacists and their patients, inlegislative, regulatory and legal arenas. Before you go home, help us leverage community pharmacy's political influence by visiting the NCPA Political Action Committee and Legislative/Legal Defense Fund booth in the registration area."

As a current NCPA Member I did... and anticipate offering 10% of all donations received at to support the NCPA PAC efforts. It's an important time for independent pharmacy owners. Get on board! Let's Advance Pharmacy Success!

With more than 20 hours of continuing education workshops, seminars and symposiums designed to advance pharmacy business, unique opportunities with colleagues-in-consultation, exhibitor theaters and the best products, services and vendors, the exhibitor and open seating areas in the exhibit hall offering ample opportunities to "get current". My count of exhibitors at the event was some 410 or more...a great event.

At each new convention/trade exposition of NCPA, new organizations offer their latest efforts to support independent community pharmacies. This year, additional time was spent with the folks from Inside Pharmacy (a Lynx Group publication) in Booth 1055, a new primary care focused publication (hardcopy and online) for pharmacists and pharmacy (with over 80,000 circulation). They understand where pharmacy is headed...or should be...and are working to inform independent community pharmacists about the opportunities for expanding their patient-centered care, primary care efforts for revenue enhancement. The overall thrust by Inside Pharmacy is to help transform Retail Pharmacies into Healthcare Delivery Companies.

Almased Booth 404

A new exhibiting Corporate Member of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)...Almased...(Booth 404) offered pharmacists the opportunity to learn more about the all-natural weight loss product being promoted to independent community pharmacy owners. The special powder blend of unique soy, energized yogurt and pure honey developed in Germany some 25 years ago by a holistic pharmacist (it is the leading weight loss product today in Germany), is diabetic friendly and appears to balance the leptin and grehlin hormones in the gut-brain connection regarding need for food. Almased is All-Natural, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free. Testimonials about the product indicate it is finally a weight loss product that works.

RxMedic Booth 1037

Many new advances in pharmacy automation were being exhibited...expanding the "field" of improved pharmacy workflow and automation options. The folks at RxMedic (Booth 1037) discussed the acceptance of their newest "human resource"—the RM 64. With hourly use cost of less than $10, it is a remarkable asset capable of correctly filling, without error up to 5 prescriptions per minute. Clearly a new way to "count by 5's"!

Disappointedly, no trip to Franklin's Barbeque was possible this trip. Most know that the line to have one of the world famous BBQ (beef) sandwiches is typically a 3-4 hours get seated during lunch...the only time Franklin's is open. Maybe next to get in line around 7:30 AM.

See you in St. Kitts at the NCPA Multiple Locations Event February 16-21, 2015!
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