Stress, Holidays and Almased®: The Dieter’s Opportunity Triad

Category: Pharmacy Success Written by Dr. Charles Shively / November 5, 2014

Is Stress In The Air?

With various Holidays forthcoming...if you are like begin to think of those fabulous special dishes we only create once or thrice yearly. What's your ticket to ride? Candied yams? Pineapple soufflé? Salted caramel pecan pie (a Southeastern US favorite)?

Pumpkin cheesecake tart with honey Swiss meringue? Dane's special vanilla pudding cinnamon breadcake (my favorite) or Holiday pudding with custard sauce (it even includes Guinness Stout with brown sugar!)? Anyone keeping count of the calories, sugar challenges and impact these dishes have on our healthy approach to diabetes, aging and stress reduction? OUCH! You are correct, it cannot be good...only health disturbing. For those of us in the MAWG Club® (middle age weight gain), this is not a good time of year. Agree?

Why not start your next Holiday morning without Dane's special vanilla pudding cinnamon bread cake and no caffeinated coffee? Try decaffeinated coffee and replace Dane's special breadcake with the Holiday Almased® smoothie that blends blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, walnuts and a dash of cinnamon in unsweetened almond milk? As a compounding pharmacist for many years, I know you won't be disappointed with my latest "compound" and the taste... and IT'S HEALTHY! Trust me...I'm a's OK to not stick to the regular kale, spinach, broccoli or cauliflower's the Holidays! Let loose!

I've learned with my pharmacy customers that this compound or "concoction" will support your blood sugar level or A1C value let alone your FOMOCY (Fear of missing out on continued youth) HGH levels. All this is going on...of course...due to the increased metabolism Almased® causes...while helping us to lose weight. Ahh...yet again...the Healthy Multi-Tasker®.

Where do Stress and the Holidays Intersect?

Typically, on many occasions, at the pharmacist's counter. The challenges each of us experience during the Holidays...including us pharmacists...come from so many different directions, it's often difficult to handle. Frankly, there seem to be so many tasks we need implemented, it is impossible to keep stress levels in check. Do any of your tasks become a major challenge or panic attack (e.g. blood pressure surge)? I, as a pharmacist, propose we involve the Healthy Multi-Tasker® called Almased®. My family, sons, daughters, grandchildren and our new relatives have already purchased product to take the Almased® Holiday Stress Challenge. Join us...we can compare success.

How Is It That Almased® Can Help Reduce Stress?

Many people believe that when we consume less food during a diet it often results in stress for the body. It is true...typically the body responds by releasing a higher amount of the stress hormone cortisol. Not so with Almased®.

When the levels or concentration of cortisol in the blood are analyzed, these levels will indicate the level of physical and psychological stress. Seem odd? Not really, it's about knowing what you eat and the impact on your overall health. Why not contact Silke Ullmann, Almased's nutritionist, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., about food choices and the Almased® Holiday Stress Challenge? Believe me, she knows.

Pharmacists worldwide (known as Chemists in England, Australia and New Zealand) are today being challenged to find more ways to intervene in assuring a healthy quality of life for their patients and customers. In a recent study with overweight women conducted by the University Clinic in Freiburg, Germany under the supervision of Professor Dr. Aloys Berg, those involved and tracked for over one (1) year found themselves in an especially good mood and well balanced after using Almased (Obesity Reviews (2011), 12, Suppl. 1,73). Consider these results of the one (1) year study completed by Dr. Berg:

Quality of Life in Overweight Women Intervention without Almased® Intervention with Almased®

Scale 0-100 using the SF36 (A Worldwide Standardized Health Quality of Life Questionnaire)

Physical Functioning (PF) 80 88

--Role-Physical 82 85

--Bodily Pain 72 77

General Health (GH) 66 74

Vitality (VT) 57 65

Social Functioning (SF) 85 86

Role-Emotional (RE) 85 84

Mental Health (MH) 71 75

Seven of eight significant differences of health after intervention (p<0.05) were observed in the studied areas. Once again, the instrument used to evaluate the quality of life in these categories was gathered with a standardized questionnaire (SF36) before and after the one-year long intervention program for clinically controlled weight loss.

A New Normal: Normalize Your Life with Almased®

What's normal for most individuals today? It seems the "normal" is almost always changing with each year we progress. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines normal in various ways:

(1) Perpendicular to a tangent at a point of tangency

(2) According with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule or principle

(3) Occurring naturally

(4) Relating to, or characterized by average development or intelligence, free from mental disorder

(5) Relating to, involving, or being a normal curve or normal distribution

(6) As many as five other definitions relating to mathematical considerations

If we choose to follow definition (2), (3) or (5) whatever we are today is entirely "normal". Yet, are you pleased or happy with being your "normal" you appear to be?". Depending upon your self-assessment of health quality of life, you may well decide that adjustments to weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, stress cortisone blood levels, HGH (youth hormone) levels among others need attention. What's an option? Almased®, the Healthy Multi-Tasker®.

And don't forget...join us as part of the Almased® Holiday Stress Challenge®!

Lest I forget...and until my next I always like to say to my pharmacy staff, "Thanks for coming in today".

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