Synmed® Automation System is Poetry in Motion

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Is Synergy Like Poetry in Motion?

What is synergy? "Combined action or operation" is Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary definition. Synergie Medicale of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada ( ) has applied this definition to the development, manufacture and marketing of a sophisticated, highly-evolved pharmacy automated dispensing system designed to deliver multi-dose blister card-packaged oral solid medications.

"Synergy" to the automation specialists at Synergie Medicale is the name for their multi-dose automated pharmacy dispensing system. The engineers at Synergie Medicale under the direction of Jean Boutin, President and Founder, have created a pharmacy automation system that is literally "Poetry in Motion". What do you know about multi-dose blister-pak medication dispensing systems that support community pharmacy and long-term care med-pass opportunities?

Interactive Communication with Existing Pharmacy Management Software

The Synmed® Automation System utilizes the pharmacy management software instruction to effect interactive communication between a specific patient profile and the significant, available medication storage capacity for medication selection. This interactive communication allows accurate selection, counting and positioning of medications (by specified dosage regimen) into multi-dose capacity clear blisters on coded patient cards with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Not surprisingly, these workflow steps are completed much faster than manual dispensing and assembly efforts...and without error...within a dust free environment behind a see-through glass front case. Please see the adjacent photograph.

Significant Medication Storage Capacity

Depending on oral dosage form medication size, the pharmacy automated dispensing system can house between 336 and 576 different medications. This storage capability, combined with an auxiliary storage method (two additive trays below the main storage cell area), allows introduction of yet other solid dosage forms often of "low volume or half-tablet" medications. Together, the primary multi-cell storage system with the additive tray system, typically allows 100% of the required patient solid oral medications to be selected, counted and packaged (dispensed) together. A view of the storage capacity and cell configuration options presents a most-pleasing appearance through the front viewing glass of the unit (photograph attached).

Dispill® Blister Cards are Unique

Each blister card, created for one specific patient, can allow up to twenty-eight (28) multi-dose blisters contained on each card with five (5) different meds in each multi-dose blister. The blister card itself is designed to present up to twenty-eight dosage delivery "times" (4 different times daily, if needed, for 7 days). The Dispill® Blister Cards design has medications grouped according to their scheduled administration time (hour and day) with the detachable blisters color coded for the time of day. For example, morning administration is often yellow coded, noontime (white), afternoon/dinner (pink) and bedtime (blue) to assist the individual taking or giving the medication to the patient. A most welcome addition to the multi-dose blister pouch is that the number of medications contained within each individual blister is printed on each individual clear blister pouch (ie., 5,4, 2 etc.). This level of detail is just another example of the attention to ensuring accuracy of fill. Also important to note is that up to sixteen (16) different medications can be included on one Dispill® blister card for patient delivery.

The Heart of the Synmed® Automated Dispensing System

Designed using a suction pipette principle, the Synmed® Automated Dispensing system selects and lifts the medications out of their cells and places them into the appropriate dosage blister. Seven tubes corresponding to the seven rows on a blister card, with each row identified with the seven days of the week, are individually activated by pneumatic valves and guided by optical sensors. The positioning of the suction pick-up unit is controlled by the use of servo-motors to also allow precise location selection and automatic positioning for access to the cells in the primary storage area and all blister cards on the positioning tray. Please see the attached photograph which displays this technology...the heart of the Synmed® automated dispensing system.

Utility in Both Long-Term Care Pharmacies and Community Pharmacies

The Synmed® Automated Pharmacy Dispensing system has been successfully implemented in various pharmacy locations. Community pharmacies utilize the system to effect convenience for their patient/customers and improve medication adherence and dosage regimens...a current component of the Adherence Action Agenda (A3) required for establishing the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) star-rating system for community pharmacies. Long-term care facilities utilize the clean looking blister cards as part of their medpass systems to effect rigorous control over the medications to be administered by floor nursing staff and documentation in manual and electronic patient medication records. The Dispill® blister cards simplify the work of delivering medications in these facilities...with assurance of patient-specific medication packaging accurately presented for any dosing regimen.

Why not connect with the professionals at Synergy Medical? . Better still, contact Jean Boutin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Peter Benjamin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a personal discussion about this sophisticated multi-dose pharmacy automated dispensing system. Telephone: 1-866-764-7966.

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