Auras, Chakras, and Health

Category: Patient Engagement Written by Dr. Charles Shively / September 23, 2019

Who has an Aura? Everyone! Aura is the energy that everyone radiates at a very low level of electricity or magnetic field. It is a colorful, multilayered oval energy field that surrounds each individual. It is sometimes referred to as a psychic energy field. This energy field can be seen and captured using special photographic equipment. Of course, individuals “radiate” different colored auras with varying intensities of color and these auras are a reflection of one’s state of mental being and health. Surprised?

Aura major colors are red, orange, yellow green, blue-indigo and violet. As there are many variations on these colors, with some being deeper or lighter in color, each shade offers insight into the individual state of being and health, specific to key body organs and functions. Silver or gold metallic colors can also exist and the aura can contain black, white and gray as well. The different colors in any aura hold a multitude of information about an individual’s past, present and future and shows this information regarding mental and physical health based upon the colors of the aura that occur.

For example, the color Red pertains to circulation, the heart and physical body. The various shades of Red offer insight regarding unique traits of the individual. Deep Red suggests a strong willed, grounded and realistic individual. Muddy Red means anger. Clear Red suggests a powerful, sensual, passionate, energetic and competitive individual. Orange Red teaches confidence. Bright Pink means sensual, artistic, affectionate, love, sensitive and compassionate. Dark Muddy Pink reflects traits of dishonesty and immaturity.

The color Yellow pertains to the spleen and life energy while the Bright Yellow shade can represent a fear of losing control, respect, involved with ongoing power struggles and control. Green relates to the heart and lungs and represents balance, growth and change with a love of people, animals and nature. The Muddy Forest Green shade suggests traits of jealousy, insecurity, and sensitive to criticism while lacking personal responsibility. The color Violet is connected to the head, pineal gland and nervous system. It is the most sensitive of colors in the aura. It reveals intuition, visionary abilities and magical physic powers. The last of the primary colors, Blue-Indigo pertains to the throat and thyroid and pituitary gland while offering personal traits of deep feeling, intuition and sensitivity. The color Black reflects continual unbalanced energy and can indicate a personality trait involving the unforgiving nature to self or others, including past life problems, maintaining unreleased anger and grief while exposing greater health problems.

Other examples of how aura colors define an individual can involve as many as six or eight different shades of the primary colors which translate to health of key organs and function while reflecting existing personality traits and state of mind.

An aura is an energy expressed in seven layers. Where does the aura energy come from? Each layer is said to correlate to a different level of the individual physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. These layers can interact with one another and influence health. Each layer---and any problems in them—surround our body in a net of energy.

What causes this energy or electricity and colors to emit or exist? Chakras. These are complex ancient energy systems that originated in India. They were first mentioned in the Vedna, an ancient sacred text of spiritual knowledge dating from 1500 to 1000 BC. These chakras are spinning wheels and refer to energy points in our body. These spinning disks of energy should always stay open and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

Each layer of the aura corresponds to a different chakra. Red reflects one’s root or physical layer. It resides in between the tailbone and pelvic bone. Orange reflects from the sacral layer and is sensed below the naval. Yellow reflects from the emotional layer around the solar plexus or area below the ribcage and around the center of the stomach. Green is the heart chakra or astral layer and can be sensed in or around the chest. Blue reflects the spiritual layer and can be sensed at the base of the throat. Indigo or deep purple is about the intuitional layer or “third eye” and is present at the center of the forehead. The absolute layer or crown chakra can be sensed at the top of the head.

How can the aura and chakras help with physical health and general well-being? With practice through meditation. Holistic wellness practitioners and aura healing specialists, using photographic images of an individual’s aura may offer approaches to understanding physical health issues and personality disorders which can offer confuse others about an individual’s true intent in relationships. These aura readings by spiritual advisers, energy practitioners and others who work with aural health believe the physical body is closely connected to the emotional and spiritual bodies. The aura is seen as just one representation of this connection.

Focusing on your own spiritual and emotional health may contribute to helping your overall health. If you do not have access to this photographic equipment, you may be able to sense or see your aura, with practice, by softening and slightly squinting the eyes and looking in a mirror. Often one’s aura may be picked up through peripheral vision. Do not focus on it but if you look away, you may begin to see colors or light arise. It will change from fuzzy white and over time it becomes vibrant colors. Know that this experience can take time and attention to observe your aura.

Positive thoughts can bring energy, healing and significant self-appreciation. Major cities offer specialty health practitioners with radiant health photography to help with your physical health and mental health “state of mind”.

Evaluate your physic state of mind. It releases the torments of life and can inspire health improvement.

Let’s do it!!!!

Be Well!

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