Believe It, Almased® Affects Permanent Weight Loss for People with Diabetes!

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Believe what you read? The back of an Almased® sample packet has a number of statements that caused me…a pharmacist…to further investigate the product. Only after a thorough investigation (easy these days with the internet availability of credible studies), guess what? They are all true


Increases metabolism and improves energy

Supports fat loss and ensures muscle retention

Supports healthy blood sugar levels and thyroid function

Promotes healthy levels of the satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin

Low Glycemic Index and Insulin Levels

Even more valuable, Almased®, with its low glycemic index, offers a quick and permanent weight loss solution for people with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a disease which gradually evolves in adults and when left undiagnosed, silently grows to negatively impact many organs in the body including vision. People with type 2 diabetes have a significantly higher insulin level than people without diabetes. This translates to more difficulty for folks with diabetes to lose weight. Almased® supports an adjusted insulin level, resulting in increased fat-burning and more balanced blood levels. The value? People with type 2 diabetes can lose weight while using Almased®.

How is it Almased® impacts insulin levels and the role of insulin in the human body? Insulin of course is responsible for ensuring any sugar that is consumed through food moving from the blood to encourage cell energy. Folks with type 2 diabetes have a lower sensitivity to insulin and as a result cells in the body become less sensitive to insulin and insulin levels increase…a not favorable circumstance.

Fasting Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin A1C and Fasting Insulin Impact

Published scientific studies have documented that using Almased® with meals planned by Almased® nutritionist, Silke Ullmann, MPH, RD, LDN, can reduce fasting blood sugar (25%), hemoglobin A1C (usually a 3 month average of blood glucose levels) by 11% and fasting insulin levels by nearly 50%. Silke’s diets and meal plans have been designed using the Joslin Diabetes Center approach which indicates a daily diet should be composed of protein (30%), fat (30%) and carbohydrates (40%). The reduction in fasting blood sugar, HbA1C and fasting insulin levels offered above was achieved over a six (6) month period of time.

What’s Best….Fast or Slow Reduction of High Blood Glucose Levels?

It is well documented that hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) is an independent marker of in-hospital mortality with emergency room visits by patients who present themselves with a cardiovascular challenge (myocardial infarction - MI) or “heart attack”. Many of these patients have undiagnosed hyperglycemia (often above 200 mg/dl---“safe” range is 70-100 mg/dl) and impaired glucose intolerance (IGT). In these situations, many hospitals initiate aggressive glycemic control of insulin levels in these severely ill patients with the result being “overbalancing” of blood sugar levels resulting in hypoglycemia…a major side effect of fast and aggressive glycemic control of insulin levels.

Almased® supports healthy and steady blood glucose and insulin levels slowly over timewhile reducing weight--- and does not create an “overbalance”. As the body adjusts to its new metabolism pace, the weight that is lost just doesn’t return.

Why Not Use Almased® With One of Your Patients/Customers?

One of my typically compliant patients/customers started the balanced nutrition 14 day weight loss program designed by Almased® and lost nine (9) pounds with fasting blood glucose levels having dropped from 126 mg/dl to 106 mg/dl. We also initiated a hemoglobin A1C monitoring program (A1C home test kits are available at any pharmacy) and plan to retest in 3 months. Initial A1C value for this person at the start of the study was 7.5 (HbA1C %). Current guidelines for preferred maximum HbA1C values are of course not more than 7.0, although 6.3-6.5 is attainable. Some of my type 2 diabetes patients have started with HbA1C levels as high as 10.0 at first diagnosis. Patients with HbA1C levels above 7.0…and depending upon how long the high levels have existed…will have already suffered irreversible damage to various organs in the body.

All Natural…A Green Culture Product for People with Diabetes

Almased®’s all-natural, synergistic blend of fermented soy, probiotic yogurt and raw honey has a low glycemic level (27). Potatoes (78) and glucose (100) are much higher. For people with type 2 diabetes using insulin the recommended portion of Almased® (1/2 cup or 50 g) equals just 1.1 carbohydrate unit. Insulin injections required should then be adjusted to account for the impact of only 1 carbohydrate unit.

What’s Next?

The next article in this series will share lessons learned about the impact of Almased® on HGH (human growth hormone). HGH is a key health element in both women and men. With membership in the MAWG Club (middle age weight gain), I need Almased®’s promotion of healthy HGH levels to help my body break down fat and improve muscle growth---strength!

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