Pharmacists, Adherence and Almased: A Winning Triad Combination

Category: Patient Engagement Written by Dr. Charles Shively / November 8, 2014

The Adherence Action Agenda and Diabetes

For years, pharmacists have acknowledged the guideline triad regarding prescription dispensing: Is there a known relationship between the patient, physician and pharmacist? Today, pharmacists have been challenged to support and advance a national agenda-The Adherence Action Agenda (A3)- following a report by the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) in October of 2013.

This challenge, known in many pharmacy circles as "America's Other Drug Problem" focuses on important goals to help improve patient adherence (compliance) with their medication therapy. This recent adherence agenda, for which pharmacists have a major responsibility, is directed toward those patient/customers whom possess multiple chronic conditions being treated with polypharmacy.Which chronic condition is at the top of the list? Diabetes.

Almased Supports "I'm Helping Myself®" and Our Green Culture

Integral to the successful implementation of the patient accepting the "I'm Helping Myself® concept of healthcare, pharmacists should consider offering non-drug supplements (nutraceuticals) to the often significant number of prescriptions many chronically ill patients receive monthly. Almased®, the synergistic, probiotic natural blend of high-quality soy, probiotic yogurt, enzyme-rich honey and select vitamins and minerals is an excellent choice. Almased® has a low glycemic index (27...potatoes in contrast have a glycemic index of 73) and the ability to positively impact many other health markers: Increases fat-burning while retaining muscle mass, improves insulin resistance, strengthens the immune system, supports healthy blood pressure levels, supports improved kidney function, works as a natural anti-rheumatic agent and improves energy while improving satiety and reducing stress. This composition, originally blended by Hubertus Trouillee ( a German holistic therapist and pharmacist), has emerged as a scientifically validated health care assistor. It's supplemental use as a nutraceutical to advance weight loss while providing consistent support to numerous other health markers is unique. Almased® will not interfere with the effects of other required prescription medications like many herbal products.

Pharmacists Can PharmacyUp® with Almased®

Not surprisingly, pharmacists, always one of the top three most trusted individuals in national surveys, continually seek and evaluate supplemental products that support their patient/customer needs for improved health care and adherence...this is today's PharmacyUp® for pharmacists. With pharmacist and pharmacy staff responsibilities to improve medication adherence, responsible pharmacists are encouraging their patient/customers to think of their Pharmacy as a pharmacy medical home. This approach effects a co-join triad between pharmacist, pharmacy staff and the patient/customer.

How Does Almased® Improve Pharmacy ROI?

As a pharmacy owner, with the necessity to continually (and immediately) understand the impact of current...if not daily...changes in national "thinkings" about healthcare and reduction approaches in overall healthcare expenditures, what opportunities exist to improve pharmacy ROI (Return on Investment)? Once the special healthcare value of Almased® is factored into chronically-ill patient medication therapies and adherence efforts, surprising positive influences can emerge for pharmacy ROI with this high-level profit activity. This is in contrast to the many pharmacy workflow low-level profitable activities that are required to effect service-oriented prescription delivery.

Time Equals Money with Almased®

Any evaluation of those various pharmacy workflow or patient adherence time-consuming efforts will allow categorization as Time-Takers, Time-Savers or Money Makers. Pharmacists are initiating review of their pharmacy workflow processes and patient medication adherence efforts to determine which efforts are low-level profitable and high-level profitable. This review includes not only potential ROI but the human resource time required to complete any activity and its possible influence on the adherence action agenda. Recommendations for regular Almased® use offers opportunities for a high- level profitable activity (from a ROI and time-consuming perspective). Recall the phrase time equals money?

No truer phrase exists when considering recommendations to patient/customers regarding the use of Almased®, a higher-level profitable ROI activity. With Almased®, time does equal money.

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