What Will This Decade Teach Us About Wellness?

Category: Patient Engagement Written by Dr. Charles Shively / January 29, 2020

Yet another decade begins. What lies ahead for wellness opportunities? As the 2020 America’s Healthcare Tour, with the support of the Boca Ciega Research Consortium in Saint Petersburg, Florida, initiates travel in the USA and North America, while looking forward to summer tours of western Europe and possibly Russia, many questions come to mind.

Will the opportunities for consumer wellness be the “hot” topic for discussions with these international health care professionals and practitioners? We will learn how the North American and many International Practitioners approach wellness for many desiring consumer individuals.

What opportunities do you foresee? Which countries today are more active to ensure wellness? USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, etc.? What about Asia and China? Australia and New Zealand?

Wellness Conference presentation offers to this author from these countries suggest the USA and this Healthcare Advocate understand what is ahead of the curve for wellness. Should you join me to advance the USA approach and commitment to wellness advance at some of these conferences?

The new www.OptimalHealthExpert.com offering online also has enhanced interest both domestically and internationally.

The recent think-tank discussions of the Boca Ciega Research Consortium held during late December of 2019, focused on the market research findings regarding metabolic weight loss, personalized nutrition and supplementation, microbiome health impact, sports nutrition and re-calibration of muscle tone while supporting no muscle loss.

The Boca Ciega Research Consortium defined the following top seven (7) wellness areas will be a focus worldwide for 2020:

  • Personalized nutrition or supplements for consumers desiring to improve their health wellness
  • Consumer education about the science behind many health wellness products
  • Better consumer understanding of the importance of the gut-brain axis (microbiome balance)
  • The connection between prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and butyrate
  • Assessment of global consumer dietary supplement trials and relevance to weight loss, cognitive decline and metabolic syndrome
  • International Regulatory climate impacts on wellness products and cannabidiol products from hemp
  • Changing clinical designs to show relevant key clinical marker success for wellness products

As the 2020 America’s Healthcare Tour begins its Second Global Tour to understand what lies ahead in individual wellness, the first international stop is the Ukraine, a country with many healthcare challenges, while looking forward to demonstrating leadership in personal wellness and public medication support. This author looks forward to understanding the new government changes and commitment to wellness that have occurred since the first 2018 America’s Healthcare Tour Goes to Europe.

What lies ahead in this 2020 decade? Let us take the adventure about wellness. It starts NOW!!

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